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Commercial Lighting

Need to make your storefront stand out?

Our permanent LED exterior lights can draw attention to your business and help you attract new customers. The Jellyfish mobile application allows you to change the colors, sequence, and animations on the LEDs from your phone or tablet at any time—no need to wait for a technician!

Making lives easier than before

Full Customization

Create your own custom patterns with over 16 million different colors to choose from


Save calendar events to schedule your lights to turn on automatically for holidays or other special occasions


Light up your premises for security cameras to function best

Stand Out

Celebrate any holiday throughout the year, show your support for local schools with their colors, or raise awareness for breast cancer the whole month of October

Discreet Lighting

Our system is hidden in a track that can be mounted facing out, down or up depending on the style of your building and your track facing preference.


Zoning allows you to have certain sections lit up while others are not


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Initiate a consultation with a sales rep to see if this product is a good fit for you.


Based on your requirements, we design a custom system for your home and layout.


Upon your approval, materials are ordered and our installation team is scheduled.

Lighthouse Lighting